Offshore Mechanic-U.S. (Gulf of Mexico)

Simmesport, LA posted on October 17

Shell is in the process of hiring Experienced Offshore Mechanics. 
The ideal candidate will be responsible for:
  • Install and align fluid movement pumps
  • Troubleshoot and repair single stage pumps
  • Troubleshoot and repair multi-stage pumps
  • Troubleshoot and repair centrifugal pumps
  • Troubleshoot and repair reciprocating gas compressors
  • Troubleshoot and repair centrifugal gas compressors
  • Troubleshoot and repair natural gas turbines
  • Troubleshoot and repair air cooler fans
  • Troubleshoot and repair air-intake blowers
  • Troubleshoot and replace mechanical seals on pumps
  • Troubleshoot and replace bearings
  • Troubleshoot and replace compression and fuel valves in reciprocating compressors
  • Troubleshoot and replace fan variable pitch assemblies
  • Troubleshoot and repair hydraulic systems
  • Check and adjust speed control governors on turbines and compressors
  • Replace and install gear boxes
  • Read and interpret mechanical drawings
  • Diagnose and apply results using micrometer
  • Diagnose and apply results using alignment tools for power-driven connections (i.e., reverse dial indicator) 
  • Proficiency troubleshooting, repairing, and performing preventive maintenance on reciprocating and/or internal combustion drivers