Journeyman Commercial HVAC Installer

Baton Rouge, LA posted on November 26

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    HIRING:  Journeymen Commercial HVAC Installer in Baton Rouge


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    CLP is currently hiring Journeymen Commercial HVAC Installers for an upcoming project in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area.


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    Job Description

    •      Servicing AC/Heater units

    •      Installing furnaces, AC/Heater units and components

    •      Installing and fabricating duct work and cold boxes with the use of hand and power tools and benders


    Job Requirements

    •       Knowledge of electrical disconnects, breaker panels, and the use of volt and megger meters is a must

    •       Must have at least 5 years of experience installing DX Systems and units above 15 tons

    •       Must have the ability to run and bend EMT pipe

    •       Ability to do some field fabrication of sheet metal

    •       Reliable transportation

    •       Tools of your trade

    •       Verifiable references


    Ideal Candidates

    •      Experience preferred

    •      Committed to safety at all times

    •      Reliable attendance


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