More Laketown Village, Residential Care & Memory Care jobs


Pegasus Senior Living is made up of individual Associates united by a commitment and dedication to the highest quality of service delivery to our residents with a sense of warmth, compassion, individual pride and company spirit. To achieve our mission, each associate strives to always do the right thing. Recognizing that excellence is a process achieved through continuous improvement, we value and apply lessons learned from the feedback we receive from all of our stakeholders.

More specifically:

To our Associates, we pledge to

  • Promote a culture of excellence.
  • Provide strong leadership, team building and empowerment.
  • Encourage all associates to work hard and play hard every day.
  • Encourage professional and personal growth for all our Associates.

To our Residents, we pledge to

  • Celebrate and enhance their lives.
  • Provide outstanding customer service.
  • Always remember that choice and compassion are at the heart of our profession.

To our investors, we pledge to be great stewards of our resources.


Assures completion of all housekeeping and laundry tasks. Assumes responsibility for general cleanliness of the building. Monitors needed janitorial and maintenance work.


  1. Adheres to and conveys philosophy of supporting dignity, privacy, independence, choice, individuality and a home-like environment for Residents.
  2. Monitors inventory of chemicals, supplies and equipment needed for laundry and housekeeping tasks.
  3. Communicates chemical, supply and equipment needs to Executive Director.
  4. Maintains required records; uses Maintenance Request Log appropriately.
  5. Familiarizes self with cleaning schedules of Residents’ apartments and common areas to assure completion of housekeeping tasks.
  6. Performs housekeeping, janitorial tasks and minor repairs as assigned.
  7. Assures that other janitorial and repair requests are properly logged and monitors their completion.
  8. Provides laundry services as needed and/or directed.
  9. Demonstrates knowledge of and follows infection control procedures.
  10. Observes problems, concerns and issues observed with Resident units, the community and the grounds and communicates them appropriately.
  11. Observes changes in Resident status, needs or preferences and communicates them appropriately.
  12. Observes other problems and communicates them appropriately.
  13. Observes all work, safety and administrative rules.
  14. Adheres to all established policies and procedures.
  15. Records Resident information as required.
  16. Avoids loss, breakage and waste of supplies and equipment.
  17. Demonstrates knowledge of and adheres to procedures for fire, life safety, disaster, security, work, safety and other emergencies.
  18. Associate should perform additional duties as assigned by the supervisor.


  1. Willingness to adhere to assisted living principles in providing services.
  2. Ability/willingness to perform all position responsibilities adequately.
  3. Keeps all information confidential.
  4. Maintains acceptable attendance record/follows work schedule.
  5. Organizes and utilizes time appropriately toward accomplishing assigned tasks and requires minimal supervision. Willingness to work nights, weekends, holidays and/or overtime.
  6. Displays cleanliness, good grooming, personal appearance and follows dress requirements consistently.
  7. Displays mature behavior and attitude in speech and action.
  8. Displays ability/willingness to learn new skills and to teach others.
  9. Interacts in professional manner with Residents, public and co-workers. Works cooperatively with management. Displays willingness to assist co-workers when situation requires.
  10. Adequate and clear English speaking and writing ability; able to communicate effectively.
  11. Ability to spend long periods on feet and to ambulate quickly.
  12. Is free of non-treated communicable disease as required by state law.
  13. Ability to work safely and to recognize potentially dangerous situations.
  14. Ability/willingness to follow all policies and procedures.
  15. Is neat, accurate, dependable and keeps work/space clean.
  16. Ability/willingness to work longer than eight (8) hour shift; to work holidays or overtime and to work a seven (7) day schedule.
  17. Must be able to tolerate occasional exposure to pets, dust, fumes, odors, water, etc., as well as some noise.


Level of Experience - 
Working knowledge of equipment, supplies and chemicals used for housekeeping and laundry tasks in public use buildings. Experience in working in a licensed care setting preferred.

Education, Technical or Professional License(s)/Certification(s) - 
Possession of a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent. Attendance at in-service training. If required by state law, maintain CPR/First Aid Certification. Meet in-service training hours required for job classification and position.